The Blue Race

A galaxy-spanning sci-fi space-opera novel

Book cover for sci-fi adventure The Blue Race The fragile truce between humanity and their Engus foes has ensured peace in the galaxy for 200 years. Now, ancient secrets unearthed by the Engus threaten to bring war and defeat, unless a small band of humans can beat them in a race to capture long lost alien technology.

ConChain agent Heber Adogan unexpectedly finds himself leading the remnants of the human expedition into forbidden territory, after an Engus sabotage attempt decimates the mission team. Heber and his sister Durvel have a unique skill, that might just make the difference between success and failure. They are telepaths, from an almost extinct race with a troubled history. But it’s a skill that has proven to be a double-edged sword in the past, so they must tread lightly.

Follow Heber and his comrades on a galaxy-spanning voyage of discovery through strange planets and fantastic habitats, while they battle Engus subterfuge at every turn. The universe they inhabit is a colourful place where humanity coexists with a multitude of alien species, but its embrace of AI is a vexatious issue which casts a shadow over the siblings’ relationship.

With all the odds stacked against them, and betrayal dogging their every move, can Heber and his comrades possibly prevail?

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